Music & Instrument Makers
Tombstone, Arizona
Located at the Old Tombstone Theme Park on 2nd Street
PO Box 464, Tombstone, AZ. 85638 719.421.9109

Our Tombstone Cowboy Era Wood Shoppe where we make our instruments by hand !

Windwalker is a DBA of Pilgrims Abbey that serves Tombstone in providing roving Chaplains in the streets.  Our Chaplains are all volunteers so many have become Artisans in making and selling various crafts.

In addition to the "Music and Instrument Makers Shoppe" our future presence in Tombstone may include the following:
  • Petting Zoo
  • Pony Rides
  • Goat Dairy (milk and cheese)
  • Blacksmith Shoppe (knife making)
  • Gypsy Wagon Builders
  • Apothecary (alternative medicinals) 
  • Cowboy Opera and Dinner Theater (Broadway style musicals) 
  • Tombstone Weddings with a Celtic Priest
  • Old Time Photo (11" X 17" poster sized prints!)
Music and Instrument Makers in Tombstone, AZ
Cigar Box Instruments
Cigar Box Guitars, Banjos, Ukes and Fiddles are made at the Windwalker shoppe with the most wonderful of woods for maximum quality of sound. First invented before the 1850's, cigar boxes were used to make a poor mans instrument.  Today they have become collectors items and well received performance instruments  Electric pickup now added for amplification.  Prices range from $125 and up to $600.

  David Michael, Luthier
Native Flutes
Native American Flutes made at the Windwalker Shoppe with the most nature embracing sound.  Native flutes begin at $40 each.  

Cowboy Lyre- Harp
 The 10 stringed Lyre Harp  is the most ancient of instruments dating back to before the time of King David in Israel.  Now they can be found in the hands of cowboys riding their horses out into the Tombstone deserts seeking to woo the cattle into a good nights sleep.  Anybody can play this instrument. Honest!   Electric pickup now added for amplification. This novel instrument only sold in Tombstone starts at $110 each.  New book on how to play the cowboy lyre.

  David Michael, Luthier
Concert Lyre-Harp
This is a concert Lyre-Harp made by order only.  Made of very rare and expensive Acacia wood only grown in Hawaii called Koa wood of from Arizona Mesquite wood.  This most heavenly sounding instrument was used in the Temple of Solomon in Israel in 1000 BC up to circa 134 AD.  Electric pickup now added for amplification.  This is a true concert quality instrument.  Prices starts at $800.  

David Michael, Luthier

Native and Celtic Drums
The making of drums by a Native Artist provides the best instruments for gathering in Pow wow or with friends for a time of drumming. The best of native grown materials are used in our drums to assure a long life of playing for the pleasure of drummer and listener alike.  Prices start at $30.

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