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Dr. David Michael H. Smith is the Director of Windwalker Education.

Our Mission
    The Mission at Windwalker Education is to provide hope to the poor and hungry in teaching them to become self-sufficient no matter where they live or at what stage they are in their life cycle.  We are compelled to teach the hungry to fish (raise fish and veggies) and not just give them fish to eat as the old proverb advises.  "Give a man a fish and he will be hungry tomorrow but teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry." 
    Our primary sustaining mission is to teach and then empower the economically challenged with the right equipment and skills to grow their own organic food with sustainable energy in meeting daily nutritional needs in addition to strongly bolstering self-worth.  We believe a person's self-worth is greatly diminished by habitually receiving food hand-outs. However with self-sufficient food production with the rest of the LIFE skills to include Lodging, Industry, Food and Energy, self-worth is strengthened.   In this humanitarian mission, we hold to the guiding ideals of simplicity, portability, high food output from a small footprint and ease of setup and maintenance. 

Our New Bowie Campus?
      Windwalker Education is currently negotiating for an old defunct 12 unit motel in Bowie, Arizona to renovate as the residence for future students, staff, workshops and classrooms.         This property will be rebuilt as a 'mock' Fort Bowie to also be used as a  performance site for historical reenactments.  It is our desire to include the historical story from the perspective of both the white man and the Native American in our shows.  
       We are looking for donkeys to be donated to the school to keep the grass on the grounds cut down.  Let us know if you have a few you are willing to part with.  Also goats.   Thanks.

Our Educational Programs
    Our goal as a non-profit educational organization is to partner with local high schools to provide a seamless transition from high school to a trade Education by addin an optional 13th year to secondary education..   Trade skills acquired in this extended high school program can then be assessed and supplemented for students to achieve journey level status and become Certified in a well paid job field.  We are to offer many trade certifications complemented by industry recognized apprenticeship programs in the 13th year as we develop.  

Solar Voltaic Installer Certification:  Get an industry recognized certification as a Solar Voltaic Installer often needed by Contractors that is recognized the world over from the Electronics Technicians Association International.  http://ETA-I.org  

Eureka Power and Light has recently been recognized as an Authorized ETA school for this program.  This one week course is currently being offered in Eureka Springs, Arkansas this July 2017.

Certified Luthier: Learn to play the harp of David like the Prophets of old with instruction from Battleharp Music.  This three course sacred music program takes a novice student through the 1) history of ancient biblical music as a musical form, then 2) how to design and build a harp.Finally you learn how to 3) write Temple music using Counterpoint methods like that played by King David and the Priests of the Temple during the reign of King Solomon in Israel. 

Two books have been written exclusively by the instructor for this three course series taking a student step by easy step though the training. The harp making part of the course is currently provided only on site at Tombstone, AZ (limited to 4 students per class) whereas the other two courses can be taken Online.  

Agricultural Technology (AgTech) Certification: The Mobile Farm Project is currently in development in SE Arizona in the designing and building of self-sustaining farms that can fit on a medium-sized trailer and feed 8-12 people all year around utilizing Aquaponics. Much of the information for this program is provided below with a link above in the search for partners who are located in SE Arizona who would like to host the program at their location.  

Survivalist Certification:  This is an internship program with the Sons of Prophets for a select few who sense a call in their lives as one disposed to prophecies, visions and dreams about the future of the world in the Hebrew-Christian tradition.  

In this program, Interns (Postulants) are tutored in spirituality and taught survivalist skills in living from available raw resources found in the desert combined with the austerity of a desert bike as their transport.  

We include instruction on food gathering, water sources, shelter, keeping warm and even in making Ethanol as fuel for their bike to enable complete independence from society.   Much of our training is held at the Hot Wells Dunes just north of Bowie, AZ. 

RECON Systems Certification: Cobra Security will soon be offering Internship positions in working in conjunction with an agency "quietly" associated with the US Boarder Patrol providing recon along the Mexican-American boarder. This highly focused R&D group is on the forefront of all-terrain mobile snake robotics and recon systems adopting the project name COBRA as an acronym for Covert Offensive Boarder Recon Anquis.  Anquis of course is Latin for snake. 

BugOutStore Investors:  We are currently setting up a web site for the sale of BugOut supplies and products that include survival, energy, food and water production systems and shelter.  The links here provide what we have developed thus far with the need for moving into production of these products. We are looking for investment partners as this is now a spin off of years of research in this field.  Out products target the biker, camper, hiker, bicycler and Prepper.   The web for our store with a cart is up for your review at http://bugoutstore.org.  

Write and Publish Books:  Glentivar Village Press will soon be offering Internship Positions.  Our primary need is for editing of developing books and some graphic design.  We currently have 9 books published under our label and these are being sold on Amazon.com and as ebooks.   

Talk Radio Show Host: RESQ Radio focusing on the end times as a Christian version of the Coast to Coast show is soon to offer Internship Positions. We are looking for people who can develop and host shows on the Internet with the intention of being picked up by commercial stations.  Such a person needs to be very well read, have a comforting speaking voice and courteous to guests and callers.   They will be responsible to schedule guests who have credibility on various topics related to the biblical end times.  

Become a Photographer:  Internship for a budding large format photographer who prefers to focus on nature and humankind in nature is soon to open for the right artisan. Film format is normally 4" X 5" then digitally scanned and enlarged with in-house prints to 19" X 22" as Museum quality prints.  Various Coffee Table books are planned as projects. Only one internship available at this time. 

Grants and Current Projects
Grants Needed
        Windwalker Education (WE) are currently in the grant proposal process to acquire funding to establish a base school for future development and expansion of our classes and workshops.  We plan to expand into many small economically depressed towns scattered throughout SW Arizona as funding is available.  
Lettuce, cucumber and peas growing in January in Tombstone

The Aquaponics System
        Above is a sample of one of our medium sized systems as a single grow unit with lettuce, cucumber and snow peas  growing in January 2017.  In this domed greenhouse located in Tombstone, Arizona, there are 3 systems now up and running and two more almost up and running.       
        Below is the design of the grow units that have 3 grow beds with 350 gallons to host over 150 smaller Tilapia fish.  
These are the identified parts of a single 3 grow bed unit with 5 units set up and working in Tombstone, AZ in a large 40' geodesic dome.

 Illustration of a single Greenhouse Aquaponics Unit

Grant Partner Details
        We are currently seeking more grant partners to focus on and enlist the participation of local communities.  For more information, please download Grant Partner Overview paper.

Seeking School Location

        We are considering setting up our base school and primary office in Bowie, AZ.  WE is at the very early stages of this search so we do not yet know if this is going to happen but we are hopeful.

Mobile Farm on a Trailer

Self-Sufficient Grow System
        We are in the process of building a mobile grow farm on a trailer utilizing one or more of the intensive 'growponics' systems such as aquaponics, vermiponics, hydroponics, aeroponics and other methods.  Our mobile farm is designed for a 16' by 8' trailer and built light enough for a Ford Ranger (small pickup) to haul easily.  It is designed to transport 110 gallons for fish, 100 pounds of red wiggler worms, 9-12 Dwarf milk goats, 20 Bantam chickens and still room for a care taker to sleep under cover with a wood stove for heating and cooking.  All power comes from 3
250 watt 24 Volt panels mounted on a Ford Ranger.

        Designing for mobile grow systems is a challenge due to weight constraints where most systems are very heavy - in the tons in weight.  To keep a mobile farm extremely light, we are researching into Aeroponics as the optimum method in that it does not have the added weight of a heavy grow medium in beds and it requires significantly less water to carry the fog or spray born nutrients to feed the roots of the plants.  
        The roots of the plants hang free from a small stem holding device into a contained space where water based nutrients are sprayed onto the hanging roots to feed the plants.  The holding device for the stem can simply be a piece of open cell foam folded over the seed and then pressed into a 1" cover hole that then compresses as the stem expands with the foam drawing up water to the seed for germination.  
        The aquaculture part of this is in the nutrient tank that may contain fish that convert an organic food source for fish into organic plant growing nutrients.  The challenge is to keep the fish water clear enough to not clog the spray nozzles. 
This method will also reduce the power requirements of the system in that it only needs to run for a short time every 15 minutes or as needed.  The roots themselves then become the filters that reduce ammonia build up in the fish tank.  
        We will be experimenting with this approach very soon and keep you informed of our progress.   

Design for Mobile Farm system

Mobile Farm on a trailer being built in Tombstone

2001 Ford Ranger with Solar panels, six 8 volt golf cart batteries and a 5000 watt inverter

Classes and Workshops
        We plan to offer many classes (longterm) and workshops (short-term on weekends) for those who are interested in producing organic food production using any of the growponics methods.  If possible, we intend to interview the students prior to classes to ask what they need to learn and then adapt the class or workshop to meet those areas of interest by combining selected vital skill modules provided below.  Generally, each module is about 2 hours long.  Some of these would be followed by a longer practicum where systems would be built.  The following skill module topics are not a complete list.

Skill Modules
  1. History of Soiless Culture.
  2. Agriculturally Based Socio-Economic Systems.
  3. Choosing a "growponics" System. 
  4. Estimating Cost of a System.
  5. Keeping Daily Records.
  6. Sales and Marketing of Produce.
  7. Tank and Growbed Container Options.
  8. Tank Heating Systems.
  9. Digital Control Systems.
  10. Analog Control Systems.
  11. Fault Alarm Systems.
  12. Solar Power Systems (12 and 24 Volts DC).
  13. Ethanol Power Systems.
  14. Woodgas Power Systems.
  15. Wind Power Systems.
  16. Household 120 Volt AC Power Systems.
  17. Solar Thermo Heat Systems
  18. Heat Exchangers.
  19. Pumps, Aerators and Filters.
  20. Choosing Fish, Care and Assuring Growth.
  21. Grow Medium Options.
  22. Winter vs. Summer Plants.
  23. Heritage, Hybrid and GMO seeds.
  24. Maintaining Nutrient Balance.
  25. Enclosures for Winter (Greenhouses).
  26. Estimating Daily Sunlight Intensity and Duration.
  27. Worm Vermiculture.
  28. Composting.
  29. Organic Pest Control Options.
  30. Mobile Growponics Systems.
  31. Adding Goats and Chickens and other small animals.
Credit for Classes and Workshops
        It is often the desire of students to be awarded documented credit for the classes and workshops they attend and satisfactory pass.  WE plans will walk through the process to be recognized as an accredited Educational organization with the Arizona DOE to be granted status to award high school credit (with a local high schools approval) and Adult Continuing Education (ACE)
Credit that is considered proof of ongoing trade level Education.  More on this as we more fully develop our Educational programs.

40' greenhouse dome in Tombstone where 5 large grow systems are producing food

Much more to come soon on this web site for Windwalker Education.